The Senses Direct Brand

Senses Direct was born to champion Direct Marketing.

The driving force behind the Senses Direct brand is the power and potential that direct marketing has to appeal to ALL your senses. A Direct Marketing campaign is a promotional tool that when used cleverly can harness all five senses, either as a group or singularly.

The human senses are a powerful thing, they can create and relate memories, evoke feelings and emotions and satisfy some of our most basic needs.

When marketing campaigns appeal to our senses they have the power to create a memorable product or brand experience, develop an emotional connection with a product or simply satisfy a human craving.

Think about how you could appeal to  your customers’ five senses with one or all of the below:



Bright, colourful, appealing, eye-catching graphic design



Think of singing birthday cards and embedded audio



A scratch and smell panel or a sample sachet of perfume



Tip on a sachet sample of coffee, a chocolate or a lollypop for fun



Silky matts, rough recycled boards and glossy finishes

And then there’s the sixth sense…we recommend that you call us on 02 9890 9777 to discuss this one in private!

The Senses Direct Team

Team Senses D! is an experienced, passionate, dedicated and very friendly bunch of industry enthusiasts who intimately know the Direct Marketing and Mailing Industry and who want to be a part of its future.

Senses Direct is headed up by some of the industry’s most recognised and respected personnel.Managing Director, Mark Mina, has been a part of the mailing landscape for more than 30 years. Having started his career at Australia Post he then moved into private enterprise where he built from the ground up the highly successful AP Mail Management. After selling the business he took a few years break. Before too long his passion for the industry led him back as the head of Senses Direct.

IT and Operations Manager, Tarek Iskander re-joins Mark in the Senses Direct venture, having also been an integral part of the AP Mail team. Tarek is a highly regarded Microsoft Certified Professional and his experience with data and programming is second to none in the industry. Tarek’s passion is technology and he has been instrumental in bringing the world of electronic delivery to our door.

Production Manager, Nader Mina, runs a tight ship and again has the depth and breadth of experience that only 20 years in the industry can bring. He knows the ins and outs of every piece of equipment at Senses Direct, how to steer it, how to fix it and exactly what it is capable of.

These key management personnel are joined by some fresh faces that strengthen the Senses Direct team. From experienced sales and marketing executives to a team of ‘always willing to help’ account coordinators and a generous bundle of production guns downstairs who make it all happen!

Industry Insight

The case for Direct Mail as a marketing tool is still strong. Mail has credibility, people enjoy having quality time with their mail, they look for it, interact with it and enjoy its personal relevance.  It is extremely useful as an advertising clutter buster with only an average of 7 pieces of addressed mail received per person per week, many of which are kept and stored.

Yes even young ones like getting mail. Almost 7 in 10 young people read their mail* and those who do open it tend to spend well over 2 minutes reading it. Mail holds a novelty factor for young people and has connections associated with ‘good news’.

For the Direct Marketer, direct mail offers strong personal relevance, excellent recall, interaction and engagement resulting in a strong brand connection and increases response rates resulting in a higher ROI.

Five facts about Direct Marketing

  • Direct Marketing is database driven and can be targeted to market segments
  • Direct Marketing addresses your customer directly and is personalised in some way
  • Direct Marketing elicits a response and includes a call to action
  • Direct Marketing facilities the calculation of ROI with measurable responses rates
  • Direct Marketing can be delivered via direct mail, email marketing and mobile SMS marketing

Five Stats about Direct Mail

The Australian people have a love affair with their letterbox!


85% of people check their mail daily*


99% of people opened their mail*


58% store their mail for later reference*


80% read their mail on the day it arrives*


People engage with their mail on average 3 minutes per day*

(*Source: Australia Post Consumer Survey Mail Findings – May 2013)

Five themes to e-Marketing success



Tailor the subject line and content to the reader to achieve greater open rates and click-throughs



Use your data to drive engagement and personal relevance



Think about the best time for your message to land

Cross-channel Strategy

Cross-channel Strategy

Ensure your email campaign integrates with your media mix

Abide by the rules

Abide by the rules

Make sure you are across privacy and marketing compliance laws

Physical versus Digital

Consumers are demanding a choice in how they want to be communicated with. Both physical mail and digital communication have important roles to play in a multi-media marketing strategy.

Now let’s get Personal!

Five reasons to make your Direct Marketing as personal as you can.

  • Personalisation increases recall
  • Personalisation increases relevance
  • Personalisation encourages conversation
  • Personalisation is attention grabbing
  • Personalisation increases response rates
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Personalisation is king in Direct Marketing and Senses Direct would like to get personal with you!

Call us on 02 9890 9777 or get in touch here

Direct Mail & Fulfillment

Senses Direct Mail & Fulfillment is a state-of-the-art facility that houses the biggest, best and newest equipment in the industry with the muscle to be able to ramp up or down to ensure best possible turnaround time for your lodgements.

Housed within our 3600 square metre factory warehouse our ever growing suite of equipment enables us to be able to meet all your everyday mail and fulfillment needs in every way.

The Senses Direct Equipment Portfolio

  • 10 inserting machines
  • 3 plastic wrapping machines
  • 7 inkjet printers with 4 online
  • 7 laser printers
  • 1 full colour inkjet envelope printer
  • 3 folders
  • 2 crash folders
  • 1 cross folder
  • 1 scorer and perforator
  • 1 guillotine
  • 2 plastic shrink wrap machines
  • 1 Celloglazer
  • 3 full colour digital colour printers

Risk management is a key part of any business procurement decision. Senses Direct has a solid disaster recovery policy in place. We have significantly invested in equipment capital and have a multi-machine policy to ensure a high level of redundancy resulting in peace of mind for our clients that no matter what, your job will always go out on deadline.

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We invite you to visit our impressive facility and see for yourself.

Call us on 02 9890 9777 or get in touch here

Direct Mail Services

From inserting a simple letter into a window faced envelope to the intelligent insertion of multiple personalised documents Senses Direct can manage all your direct mail envelope insertion work up to and including multiple inserts into a C4 envelope.

Plastic wrapping is an economical way of packaging products, including catalogues, newspapers and magazines. It protects your product from outside elements, scuffing and seals the product for security so that it arrives clean and intact.

Senses Direct has multi-function high speed plastic wrapping machines that can perform a variety of functions including onserting and inserting additional flyers, letters on top or behind your publications, books or magazines.

Our inkjet and laser technology can handle just about any level or overprint and personalisation, from forms, letters, cards and brochures on high speed laser printers and online inkjet printers, full colour or mono black.

When intelligent insertion simply won’t do Senses Direct can offer a handline match mail service performed by individuals with years of experience that understand the attention to detail and quality outcome required for such a service.

Senses Direct can manage all your returned mail and has implemented specialty software to add the barcode in conjunction with AMAS – Australia Post’s address matching system. We can establish a return address that was linked to a Post Office box and regularly collect returns on your behalf then scan, process and return records to you for you to update your database.

Senses Direct is an expert postal consultancy and is committed to getting you the best postage rates possible as well as ensuring that all your marketing and business collateral meets Australia Post requirements.

We offer various mail sort programs in keeping with Australia Post requirements. Better mail sorting attracts Australia Post discounts. These discounts are based on weights, volume and size and we are committed to offering our clients the best possible postage rates available.

We have direct contact with Australia Post and are always happy to have your designs checked before printing and production to ensure that they are meeting the sometimes difficult to navigate Australia Post requirements.

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We invite you to experience the Senses Direct suite of Direct Mail services.

Call us on 02 9890 9777 or get in touch here

Warehousing and Fulfillment Services

Enhance your efficiency and ability to meet customer delivery demands without the overheads by taking advantage of Senses Directs warehousing, distribution and fulfillment services. Our purpose built facility can receive, store, pick, pack, send and manage you valuable inventory all from under the one huge roof.

Senses Direct is an impressive purpose built facility that boasts the following site features -

  • 3600 square metre footprint for warehouse, mail and fulfillment centre
  • Height of 9 metres with the ability to be able to store pallets 5 high
  • Storage for 1000+ pallets
  • Ability be able to unload 40 foot shipping containers indoors
  • Dedicated receiving and dispatch docks
  • 2 additional ancillary access points
  • Secure fulfillment rooms
  • Sophisticated secure stock control system
  • CCTV and back to base alarm system
  • Full perimeter fencing

The Senses Direct Warehouse has storage room for 1000+pallets. Combined with a secure stock control system and monitored premised you’ll know that your collateral is always safe in our hands.

Our fulfillment services are comprehensive and we manage the entire inventory process of receiving, warehousing, picking, packaging, shipping, stock take and reporting.

Senses Direct can offer national distribution through Australia Post or a network of freight carriers. International distribution can also be arranged on request.

Senses Direct can handle the smallest to the biggest, the most simple to the most intrinsic marketing program fulfillment with professionalism and efficiency.

  • Sales Promotions
  • Product Launches
  • Loyalty Card Programs
  • Secure Gift/Cash card programs
  • Continuity Programs
  • Catalogue Programs
  • One Off promotions
  • Subscription Offers
  • Product Samples
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We invite you to visit our impressive warehouse and fulfillment centre facility.

Call us on 02 9890 9777 or get in touch here

Print Services

Senses Direct has a large in-house print capacity as well as a network of specialty print suppliers. We can print almost anything – offset, digital, letters, forms, envelopes, scratch cards, postcards, magazines, journals and catalogues just to name a few.

We have a generous in-house digital print capacity with three full colour digital presses. If you have a job and need it fast but don’t want to compromise on quality then we have the processes and facilities to service you.

Additionally we can offer you printing services from –

  • Offset Printers
  • Web Printers
  • Large Format Printers
  • Specialty Printers

Senses Direct has a full range of print finishing options – fold it, crease it, score it, perforate it, collate it, stitch it, pack it, number it, our in-house finishing services can manage it! Looking for something a bit fancy?  Celloglazing, embossing, Canadian binding, – we have access to a range of speciality suppliers to be able to give your product the finished edge.

Variable data printing allows you to harness the true power or personalisation.

  • Personalisation increases recall
  • Personalisation increases relevance
  • Personalisation encourages conversation
  • Personalisation is attention grabbing
  • Personalisation increases response rates

Senses Direct can personalise one or many data fields including from a simple name and address, to variable paragraphs and even full colour variable images, even the envelope can be personalised.

Senses Direct has invested in specialised envelope printing technology and equipment that allows us to produce high quality, low cost supply of envelopes for both personal and business needs. Plain faced, window faced, DL, C4 or even square we can supply you with all types of envelopes printed or plain.

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Need something printed? Call us on 02 9890 9777 or get in touch here

Multi-channel Campaigns

Multi-channel campaigns perfectly compliment the traditional direct mail campaign and enable customers to be engaged in a technological way.

They enable a company communication platform that can deliver the right message, at the right time, through the right channel for the right price.

Multi-channel campaigns can

  • Increase customer engagement and retention
  • Increase response rates
  • Allow for better targeted, measured, matched and refined campaigns
  • Identify customer clusters allowing more refined target segmentation
  • Identify buying triggers and motivators

Multi-channel platforms

There are many multi-channel platforms available for message delivery. The two core services that Senses Direct offer are -

  • Electronic Direct Mail (EDM)
  • Mobile Messaging (SMS)

Through our specially developed software we can manage a seamless multi-channel output optimized for best view to the following devices

  • Direct Mail Letter
  • Smart Phone
  • Tablet
  • Email
  • Web
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Want to know more about multi-channel campaigns? Call us on 02 9890 9777 or get in touch here

Creative Solutions

Senses Direct is able to offer you expert creative solutions within the areas of graphic design and copywriting that will assist you with you next DM Campaign.

Graphic Design

At Senses Direct we believe that eye-catching graphic design is pinnacle to the effectiveness of a Direct Marketing Campaign.

From conception to completion we have graphic designers that can give your campaign the legs in needs to run the distance and beat your competitors to the finish line every time.

With preferred access to some of the most experienced graphic designers in the Direct Mail business we can offer you a well of creativity and visual communication skills. These designers boast an in depth knowledge in boutique design and are well versed in printing and mailing processes. They will manage the entire creative design process from concept to design, proofing to prepress.


Anyone can string together a sentence but not anyone can string together a sentence that has the power to make the reader act almost immediately.

Copywriters are trained professionals well versed in the art or word smithing effective, engaging and informative copy.

Be it headlines, body copy, technical descriptions made digestible or the clever crafting of the a call to action the job of the copywriter is to work with the creative team to set the tone, tell the story, state the features and sell the benefits.

But most important their job is to make an emotional connection with the reader, a connection that will elicit the required response and encourage the recipient to take the action requested whether it be to call a service centre, visit a website or visit a store to purchase a product, good copywriters have the ability to connect so powerfully that they are able to can generate an almost immediate response.

Copywriters can assist in any marketing communication that contains text – DM pieces, sales letters, brochures, newsletters, sales promotions and informational booklets. They understand how to craft a message based on both the medium being used, the target audience and the desired outcome.

If you feel that you direct marketing campaigns not a copy boost then it might just be time to talk to Senses Direct for a copy overhaul.

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Need a crafty copywriter? Call us on 02 9890 9777 or get in touch here

Data Solutions

Senses Direct can offer you a full range of mail house data services from address validation to deduplication.

Data is what puts the P in the ‘power of personalisation’ within a Direct Marketing Campaign. It allows you the ability to be able to customise and communicate directly with the recipient. Good data gives you the power to put your customers name, address, shoe size, favourite colour and most likely next holiday destination anywhere, any number of times.

We believe our IT Team have special data super powers. They oversee full database set-up and management including de-duplication, cleansing, segmentation, purging and washing against internal “do not mail” files.

Senses Direct Full Suite of data solutions

  • Database Management
  • Data Processing
  • Data Programming
  • Data Deduplication
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Washing
  • Variable data merging
  • Advanced letter text set up
  • Return Mail Barcode Scanning
  • DPID barcode & print post appending
  • Reconciliation
  • Data Mining
  • SQL ETL Services – extract, transfer and load
  • Data Storage and Archiving
  • Data Security

All these somewhat oddly named processes are geared towards ensuring that your marketing or business communications achieve the best possible response rates and return on your investment.

Hardware and Software

Senses Direct has the latest hardware and software technology to be able to meet and exceed your data management services -

  • Database set-up and management
  • Data workflow
  • Inkjet addressing offline and online
  • Barcoding and address validation
  • Variable data printing
  • Quality control and reconciliation ensuring data integrity
  • Compliance with Privacy Legislation Act
  • Deduplication to ensure minimal wastage
  • Ability to be able to apply complex business rules to databases to achieve desired segmentation and maximum campaign cut- through

Data Security

Security is serious business at Senses Direct and we ensure you the very best in security protocols from the initial upload of your data to our SFTP, ensuring our hardware and software firewalls are maintained at all times and data access is monitored and logged throughout the whole process.

Below is a summary of the security protocols installed and utilised at Senses Direct -

  • All IT computers and Servers are protected by a UPS uninterrupted power supply, enterprise Antivirus and Hardware Firewall.
  • File back-up occurs every 15 minutes and is mirrored off site.
  • Senses Direct has an offsite backup server as well as a replica server.
  • A regular monthly backup restoration test is in place.
  • We support a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) portal for daily lodgement of file uploads.
  • Senses Direct has secure IT architecture servers and integrated shared services across our DM & Mail, Fulfillment Warehouse, Digital and print services.
  • Ability to be able to design custom fulfilment/warehouse systems.
  • Network / Servers Room and critical offices are protected by Security Keys and camera system.
  • We have in house a Microsoft Certified Professional in Windows Server and SQL 2012 Server.
  • A copy of all critical software is kept offsite for security and redundancy.
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Should you wish to find out more about or data service please contact us to make an appointment with one of our data specialists. Call us on 02 9890 9777 or get in touch here

Direct Marketing Solutions

Direct Marketing Services

Mixing you up a Solution – your brief brings out our best direct marketing solutions whether it be a simple postcard, innovative self-mailer, and an envelope stuffed full of goodies or a multi-stream multi-channel campaign. We love to mix up a solution designed especially for you.

Working in consultation with our experienced marketing consultants we can assist you with your DM campaign development, implementation and analysis. From conception to completion we can guide you through design, copywriting, print, data management, personalisation, and distribution and ROI analytics.

Senses Direct can assist you by looking at your current DM campaigns and offering tailored solutions to further develop and enhance existing programs as well as offering ideas for new innovative campaigns.

With the power to combine physical mail, multi-channel campaigns and fulfillment services with data and creative solutions and the capacity to be able to complete production and distribution in house Senses Direct really are your Direct Marketing solutions provider.

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Need a little marketing consult? Call us on 02 9890 9777 or get in touch here

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